Shawn Collins: Impart you for connexion us. Today I'm mumbling with Lily Shen of eBay, and we're going to be speaking almost several of the polar property they are doing next to the affiliate programme all over within. I poverty to convey Lily for fetching the occurrence to utter beside us and countenance guardant to quick-eared what you have to say.

Lily Shen: Thanks, Shawn. I'm decidedly zealous to utter near you and by all odds gawp headfirst to division whatever more than subject matter. We have a lot of tingling belongings going on, so, yeah, categorically sounding convey to it.

Shawn: Terrible. One entry that I am unusual just about it, if you could let me cognize and the breathing space of the audience, what sets eBay's Affiliate System unconnected from the another associate programs that are out there?

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Lily: Sure. I can't truly state for remaining associate programs per se, but I do have to say that the eBay Affiliate Programme offers a truly emulous payout, exceptionally user-friendly to use tools, and the uncomparable thickness and profundity of products that are right now on eBay.

In position of our penitence today, we pay out on both ACRUs, what we call upon Stirring Just about Registered Users, and we pay anyplace from $12 to $22. We as well pay on the rev allotment side everywhere from 40 to 65 per centum of revenues generated to eBay buyer affiliates, and that launched just unpaid closing time period and it's proved to be amazingly delighted for several of our publishersability.

In lingo of the marketplaces, we have an surprising intelligence and wisdom of productsability next to complete 50, 000 categories, and even fitting in Q3 we had 584 a million new listingsability another to eBay overall. We too have a worldwide attendance in ended 33 markets next to users from both country say the world, so we unquestionably present a large resort area for our affiliatesability and our publishersability to be in.

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Shawn: Great, sounds antic. Can you speak about me a smaller more active many of the tools and materials that eBay has innovatedability to aid affiliatesability to succeed?

Lily: Yeah, perfectly. We truly have a devoted squad present fitting looking at products, tools, and transportation for the eBay Affiliate System. We have a figure of tools that our affiliatesability take on to really get them up and running efficiently.

To start, we have a bendable goal apparatus which like a shot allows affiliatesability to construct traceable affiliate course to any eBay URL. We in recent times this twelvemonth launched an RSS feed apparatus that clearly creates RSS feeds that consider associate golf links. We speech act at liberty Apis for our affiliates, and vindicatory a small indefinite quantity of months ago we launched an API plug-inability borer that allows affiliatesability to behaviour whatever investigating and change state more acquainted with with eBay's API collection in Stand out.

We besides have hub pages, totally vivacious conference boards, and colony newslettersability et cetera. I don't know if you are mindful of this, but we are in truth looking to powerboat in in all likelihood the most primitive half of 2007 a article of trade called AdContext, which is a discourse promotion goods that will allow affiliatesability and our publishersability to necessarily help yourself to every belief and put the commodity on the site, and we'll au fond appointment the cheerful from the base camp and opencut up the most listingsability that will serve our affiliatesability be most decisive. We're right now in beta manner at the second.

Shawn: So is that on tap to all affiliatesability or only a superior alliance of affiliates?

Lily: This is presently invite-onlyability.

Shawn: OK. Gotcha. As far as engaging the eBay affiliate community, are you victimization any kindly of Web 2.0 methods for communicating or have any measures or any kinds of holding to get in touch with the affiliatesability and keep in contact?

Lily: Yeah, undeniably. We have a steadfast squad of side managers both here at eBay and on the Committee Junction side, and we muddle through many, heaps of our top accounts. We really do have a time unit report that goes out that provides optimum practices, trends, merchandise numbers to our publishersability. As I mentioned before, we have enormously live communicating boards, and we as well have an period invite-onlyability associate pinnacle for our top publishers, and we run this in symmetric beside our developer's meeting. This twelvemonth we are looking to physique that out even more and have an associate path at the developer's conference, too.

In totalling to that, we have deeply extensive pages on the associate place that provides record-breaking practicesability for our affiliatesability who are truly superficial to pursue most any strain of concern epitome. We are always sounding for new distance to proportion message and allow affiliatesability to genuinely pass on near all opposite as very well.

The syndicate is truly the staff of life and food of eBay's business, and that is beyond doubt the aforesaid entry for eBay's associate village. We grain that it is genuinely significant that we go forward the dealings beside them exactly and acquire from them.

Shawn: Extreme. As far as the diverse types of affiliates, nearby are so tons types of affiliatesability out there, is here a singular species of affiliate that is normally more than fortunate next to your associate program?

Lily: I wouldn't say it depends on a business concern model, per se. We have a terrifically mottled case of affiliatesability go from contented and portals and SEO, buying examination sites. We have garage sale tools, partisanship enticement affiliatesability and unmistakably salaried prod affiliatesability.

We found what makes furthermost affiliatesability successful is little almost the shining example they engage, as a concern of certainty many a of them take on sixfold models, but what really determinesability nearby success is in attendance horizontal of fidelity to innovating: discovery new material possession and really optimizingability what building complex. The span is perpetually ever-changing as recovered as the marketplace, so we brainwave that those who are truly loyal to it brainwave mammoth happening in it.

Shawn: Bad. For affiliatesability from the newbies up to the weathered ones, do you have any dedicated tips and deceit to give a hand them maximize their receipts beside the affiliate program?

Lily: Yes. We really inspire our affiliatesability to ever cogitate roughly the end buyer and human action abreast of not single commercial enterprise trends but likewise goods trends. Undoubtedly for this trip period it would be the PS3, Wii, the Xbox, etc. Several new top affiliatesability fitting this foregone time period have solely improved sites in circles these products and have merely overturned the collection to eBay. That's beautiful exciting. We truly further our affiliatesability to living on top of that. I would say it's really hard to try new material possession and to truly perfect outer space on the results that you see in the facts that we provide you. A lot of our affiliatesability have been in that way.

Shawn: OK. I know you have affiliate teams all say the global. Do you have any tips for affiliatesability that want to grow out of the US borders as an affiliate?

Lily: Yes. We have programs in most 20 countries nowadays. We have power over them in a extremely localized manner, and so we acknowledge the pressure of finding in our associate programme. I truly stimulate the affiliatesability to investigating the marketplace itself and infer the end users there, but also spend a number of circumstance penetration the programs of all of our countries.

You may brainstorm that the much grown-up markets may be more the same in quality. For example, you may poorness to establishment beside European nation tongued countries if you're at present in the US. You may impoverishment to make the first move next to the UK, Australia or North American country and you've got a board to powerboat into numerous of the some other markets. I would unquestionably say put in circumstance localizingability your on cloud nine adequate for it to attraction to the end client in the English flea market. I would say that geo-targetingability has helped our affiliatesability a lot as well.

Shawn: OK. I've been sharp-eared a lot roughly speaking affiliatesability wearisome to dramatic play in circles beside both video and waterborne car phone. Do you see any one of those playing a part near the eBay associate program in the essential future?

Lily: Yes, utterly. In position of airborne it already acting a office in the system of rules and we're looking to net that even bigger. We're if truth be told actuation a point off our API belike in the front partially of close period of time that will truly change affiliate pursuit for a lot of the kindred that are structure versatile apps for eBay. What we truly privation to do is let affiliatesability to extent in this span. No problem in footing of video, we suppose it's a great opportunity and we're rightful starting to slog with a few affiliatesability now looking to approach this new and thrilling span as okay. We'll plainly have more information to come with.

Shawn: OK, fantastical. I got one announcements in the olden time period that Work Traveller and how the associate system has changed next to that?

Lily: Positive. Overhang Wanderer is really a new Markup language pursuit methodological analysis. We locomote this in decree to grow less the amount of redirectsability users may travel to stifle further cake block and to permit for more international road and rail network improvementsability. The associate program itself hasn't really exchanged. We're simply looking for new ways to reorganize the structure for our affiliatesability and to produce holding easier. Our aim is to just bring much on the spot and long-run benefits to our publishersability with the jut out over. I'd say that the system itself hasn't varied. We're retributory hoping to make things larger for them.

Shawn: OK, that makes ability. That's all the questions I had. Do have any other updates or word more or less the affiliate program?

Lily: I suppose I splashed a lot next to the questions that you had. I vindicatory want to say that we really rouse our affiliatesability to pioneer and to mental testing and to trade in us next to feedback on belongings that we could be doing in good health as very well. We're truly here to tennis stroke our publishersability and we're thrilled for a lot of the new and future initiativesability rising and falling out in 2007, such as as ad contacts in the situate off our API. Impart you.

Shawn: Thanks a lot. Impart you to Lily Shen eBay for connection us. For more hearsay affiliatesability can go to affiliatesability.ebayability.comability to utilize and cram more almost the program. Thankfulness a lot, Liliaceous plant.

Lily: Impart you.

Shawn: Tremendous. Pinch aid.

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