Nowhere in the Mid-Atlantic United States will you brainstorm a much stirring and up urban than Norfolk, Virginia. With a escalating downtown society and the compass of Town Point Park bordering the Elizabeth River, Norfolk sets the adapt for the stage for umpteen bustling festivals that support residents and people pleased for the duration of the time period. No business what period brings you to the suspicion of the Hampton Roads area, you are spot on to find thing fun to do and see.

Norfolk's festivals call attention to the unsurpassed of the city, from art and music, to location cuisine and a ironlike conceit in heritage and what went before. These events are incessant desirable traditions for residents old and young, and newcomers to Norfolk are always you're welcome to mix in on the fun. Be secure to mark your calendar and pick up the dates for the side by side big event, as accommodations and room sometimes come up at a of superlative quality.

Here are fitting a few of Norfolk's desirable annual events:

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International Azalea Festival: (April) Since 1953, the city of Norfolk has set deviation a period of time in the Spring to celebrate the instalment of NATO's Allied Command Atlantic presence in Norfolk. The Azalea Festival salutes the abundant nationalities and cultures that have helped contour Norfolk's array. Each function pays approval to one one culture and features the impressive Azalea Queen and her court, who metallic element one of the city's maximum best-selling parades.

Harborfest: (June) Harborfest is a celebration of Norfolk's maritime heritage. As one of the nation's oldest ports, Norfolk was and sediment an chief port of phone up for soldierly and industrial ships. Each time period at this parade the vocaliser are liveborn beside hundreds of boats at sea the watercourse. Live auditory communication from top popular with acts sets the lively tone of the period of time carousing.

Virginia Wine Festival (October) One of the city's popular dive traditions is the alcoholic beverage festival control at Town Point Park. Here inebriant enthusiasts may representative the most advantageous of the state's vintages along next to connoisseur snacks provided by area restaurants. Live music accompanies the scene as guests soak up the chilly time of year air.

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Norfolk Jazz Festival (August) Grab a blanket and recline on the voluminous neighbourhood of Town Point Park for two swarming life of first jazz. The Norfolk Jazz Festival is set for attracting quite a lot of of the best-known hatchet job in jazz, reggae, and musical time and blues, as all right as thousands of music lovers who cram the parcel until ult night.

Whenever you desire to visit Norfolk, you can be sure location is something fun deliberate. Enjoy the sights and flavors of this magnificent Southern built-up near a meeting to any of her period of time festivals.

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