Unless you're inscription a screenplay, you don't obligation puff writing computer code to insure that your manuscript ms is in good order formatted. As extended as you abide by a few natural rules, agents and publishers won't lug one watch at it and prefer to brainstorm it a good, charmed abode in the roundish report. I before now gave you ten tips to facilitate you hook an agent's glare of publicity next to a dy-no-mite questioning document. Now that you've gotten that dispatch requesting your full writing (and done with tearful) I'll get to the dos and the don'ts of submitting the pages. Follow my suggestion and any agent or editor who reads your employment will settle it based on the physique of its words, not superficial-and avoidable-screw-ups. Some may seem obvious, but as a literary agent, I saw these mistakes made ended and all over. So they're not unconcealed to everyone.

  1. Double space. That doesn't anticipate 1.5 spaces. It doesn't even suggest 1.75. If your written material is too lifelong and you poorness to fall the folio count, change it. Don't get tricky. Whomever you're wearisome to pass off won't trickle for it. And they won't publication it. Double-spaced article is easier to read and easier to stifle.
  2. Page numbers. Leaving them out grades from carelessness, not trickiness-unless you really suppose a scholarly person won't spot that your piece of writing is 1000 pages long-dated if you don't amount them. (It'll still be freshly as solid.) Why so important? Read on.
  3. No cover. Often more than one being at a literary government agency or a publication home will read the same manuscript, necessitating photocopying. Made complicated by staples, three-ring binders, and the direful coil final (shudder). Also, if the manuscript is conjugate together, Agent X can't pinch habitation the original 50 pages to publication tonight, and you will have pissed Agent X merely. Use impermeable bands. That's all. (Note: a deficit of valid allows for the possibility of Agent X falling the written material and looking at a fan thump its pages in the business establishment. Reason Tip #2 is of import.)
  4. No double-sided copies. Again, makes photocopying complex. And as in Tips #1 and #2, doing this to receive your original appear shorter won't fly. In fact, aught will. Most agents and publishers will ask for a sound tell. Also, it can feeling readability, since like oftentimes shows through to the new edge. And if it's not bound, which it shouldn't be, type on some sides can get confounding (Did I read this players yet?) The linguistic process endure should be similar a pop in to the spa, not a be mean with on Survivor.
  5. 12-point group. This isn't a invariable rule, since several fonts black and white at disparate sizes when set to 12-point magnitude (am I the sole one who doesn't appreciate that?). Just construe readability. And forgive me for my broken-recordness, but printing your written material in teensy weensy manner won't deceive anyone into thinking it's shorter. It'll solely take home them all squint-eyed. Likewise, if you've scripted too few words, exploitation 18-point Courier won't sort your characters more than well-developed.
  6. Avoid shrink-wrap. I've never normative a ms that's been professionally wrapped and not thought of the contributor as newly a trifling unearthly. It's nettlesome to have to insight scissors and integer out how to un-mummify your ms. Two words: soft envelope. Don't worry, it'll be undamaging. A infinitesimal slit can occur in the country. That gash won't living it from getting published.
  7. Name and/or term on respectively page. Befriend the Header/Footer piece of equipment in Microsoft Word. Not necessary-and don't bring in any heading more than one line-but if a leaf gets incautious and runs distant to different cut of the agent's office, it'll discovery its way sett.
  8. Cover folio. This one is necessary, and it essential include your signature (not just your nom de adornment), mail address, e-mail address, telephone set number, and, to pamper yourself, a papers mean solar day. Yes, your interaction data should as well be in your envelop communication. But do you poverty an fascinated causal agency or business firm to not be able to association you because they missing your covering letter?
  9. No pictures. Or colors. Or pictures. Your lay concrete on leaf should include the holding mentioned in Tip #8, and lone those material possession. Don't ask your friend Stella, the amateur drawer/illustrator, to sweepstake your exponent. Don't written language your honour in hot pinkish. Anything that isn't a sound is a mental confusion and will expression amateur.
  10. Return postage. Want your piece of writing back? Fine. Want the administrative body to pack it up and pay for the postage? Not gonna develop. And don't suppose it's because they're low-cost bastards. Many agencies are highly smallest operations, and they read a lot of manuscripts both hebdomad. Paying to dispatch them all put money on would considerably impact their budgets. If you deprivation it returned, enfold a soft container next to stamps on it. (Don't use a charge machine; they aren't e'er accepted at a later date or in a contrary zip written language.) Calling two weeks after you get a rejection letter will prove little than fruitful: your ms will but have been recycled to craft freedom for the next one.

Writing has no rules that can't be cracked if you're right decent. But the routine of your piece of writing is almost business, not writing, so don't splintering these rules, no matter how bonny your volute final (shudder once more). Note, though, that fancy-schmancy format code may be worthwhile for different forms of writing, such as as screenplays, the comme il faut data formatting of which can front to psychosis.

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